Slalom, Skeet, Race

No, not the traditional three-events you're thinking of. We're talking Pros and Joes competing as teams in a buoy chasing, skeet shooting, kart racing kind-of-way. Get your teams together and start your engines ladies and gents, this is one for the record books.

The Travers Grand Prix exists to unite pros and amateurs who share a passion for skiing and competition through additional fun events. Waterskiing is more than just buoy count and rankings for most of us, it is about family, fun and community and the Travers Grand Prix exists to bring those back into the forefront of the sport. The Travers family is excited to welcome you to this inaugural event and encourages you to sign up as soon as you can as spots are going quickly. 

Event date May 12 - 13

Entry deadline is April 11th

For more info and to sign up click here:

2K18 Sunset Lakes Tournament Schedule

Here is the upcoming schedule of events. As most of you know our tournaments fill up quick. So make sure you send your $$ along with your entry to ensure your spot is saved. As we get closer to each event I will post more details such as pricing and starting lists. 


  • February 24 - FSC International Collegiate Tournament
  • April 14 & 15 - FSC College Fundraiser 2 round 3 event REL
  • May 9 - Lelani Gales Wed Night 
  • May 11 & 12 - Sunset Lakes Pro Am team slalom, go kart and skeet
  • May 18,19 & 21 - Sunset Lakes MLCQ 2 round 3 event
  • June 13 - Lelani Gales Wed Night
  • June 17 - Sunset Summer Classic 2 round slalom REL
  • July 11 - Lelani Gales Wed Night 
  • October 6 &7 - Sunset Lakes Fall Classic 2 round 3 event REL

Tournament Update

Hello everyone. Just wanted to let you know that we had our annual tournament selection meeting this weekend. In the next few days I will post our upcoming 2K18 tournament schedule. I know we have quite a few events coming up. Check back for more details and make sure to send your entries in soon! have a great Monday