Sunset Lakes Partners

Here at Sunset Lakes we are proud to be working with these companies in helping people get educated and exited about life on the water. 

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At Nautique, we are driven to innovate and for 2019 our attention to detail has never been greater. New technology, comfort, convenience, function and style have been integrated into every one of our world-class Nautique boats with features to enhance the unmatched experience we continue to deliver. When your life on the water is in a Nautique, you expect nothing less.



Each and every time we set out on the water the rest of the world seems to melt away, gliding on the water and achieving that deeper sense of being gives the felling of true freedom that brings us back time after time. Weather its accelerating to blistering speeds between bouys, soaking up the sun while cruising on the open water or throwing the biggest trick imaginable, our appetite for adventures is never satisfied. 

We at H.O. Sports are known for out limitless imagination and continuous innovation to the products, ideas, expertise and desire that keep you on the water living life to the fullest. Our rich history of creating industry defining technologies and revolutionary gear is fueled by our passion to do what we love We innovate so that you can elevate your game to make every single experience on the water unforgettable.




PTM Edge is a division of Protomet Corporation. Protomet was founded in 1997 and has a history of manufacturing products for the Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Scientific, and Marine Industries. Products are diverse as to include components supplied for Mercedes as well as the U.S. Military.

In 2005, Protomet began working on a mirror technology for a scientific instrument that required prescription grade optics. Clarity and precision were the driving parameters. Fast forward to 2011 and Protomet brought new mirror technology to the marine industry and won the IBEX Innovation Award for best new product of 2011. Continuing to push the technology envelope, Protomet won the 2014 IBEX Innovation Award by developing the G4 Wake Tower, which was described by one award judge as a “game-changer in the industry.”

Protomet engineers are continually working on new and innovative products as we continue to push the envelope by bringing world-class aerospace and military expertise to the marine industry. The mirrors, as well as supporting products, are sold through PTM Edge. PTM Edge is focused to bring cutting edge products that enhance the boating experience.